The Shifters of Olsson's Pass Series

The Shifters of Olsson's Pass Series is a (so-far) three book Paranormal Romance series about the fictional Rocky Mountain town of Olsson's Pass and the shifters who live there.  Each are tied together but work well as stand-alone books as well.

Either way, action, intrigue, romance, danger, and men with abs abound in this sexy series.  I hope you enjoy them.  All three are available in E-book and Paperback on Amazon.

Book One: Snowed In

I Am Ellen Watkins...

Snowed In is a full length paranormal romance novel with a little bit of a thrilling mystery; complete with a sexy werewolf, the strong, beautiful woman who tames him, and a Happily Ever After ending.  Features Ellen Watkins and Owen's story.

I came to Olsson's Pass to claim my inheritance; I found snow and darkness and a wolf in the road.

Luckily, I also found Owen – rather he found me.  The tall, mysterious, mountain man rescued me from the snow, took me home, helped me heal.  Wonderful – except the blizzard has us trapped up here, with dwindling supplies and zero way to get help.  Now I have to figure out how to get out of here, and how to break through Owen's walls to the man inside, while we wait for the wind and snow to stop.  Maybe I can solve the mystery about the wolf in the road before my family's legacy can catch up with us...and maybe, in Owen, I'll find my reason to stay...     

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Paperback: $10.00

Book Two: Smoked Out

To Begin Again...

 Smoked Out is a hot and fast paced Paranormal Romance, set in the fictional town of Olsson's Pass.  Thrilling action, sexy bear shifters, strong, brave women and a pinch of danger make the HEA all the sweeter.  Features the story of Washington Jones and Lisa Hamilton.

Freedom and a fresh start; that's all Lisa Hamilton wanted when she came to Olsson's Pass.  She got a lot more than that.  Mystery, murder – and a smoldering police chief – were all part of the package.  Danger too, because not only must she battle her own demons, but there are real monsters lurking in the woods and people are dying.   

Tourists and bugs are about all Washington Jones had to look forward to in a Rocky Mountain summer.  Until someone starts to turn up the heat by killing a couple locals and blaming it on the Valley's only wolf.  If that wasn't stressful enough, now that there's a smoking hot biologist come to town, Wash finds himself smitten, and fast.

The town has turned into a powder keg, and all that it'll take to ignite it is a spark... 

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Book Three: Tracked Down

Call Me Angel

Tracked Down is full length Paranormal Romance novel featuring a badass lady werewolf taking back her life, the hot (human) NSA agent who gives her a chance at normalcy, no cheating, and a HEA that will leave your heart full. Book Three in the Shifters of Olsson's Pass Series, featuring Reid Bishop and Angel  

My life has never been easy.

Stolen as I child, I was forced to grow up as little better than a guard dog. Now I'm free to live my life as I choose – and I choose revenge. I will track down the man responsible for my stolen life. I will destroy him and everything he's worked for. I will get my son back.  

This is my one chance to regain what was lost and learn to love again. And no one will stand in my way. 

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